Main achievements

Flying Capacitor Multicell converters : April 1990 – May 1998

- Invention of multicell converters allowing to increase the power attainable with existing semiconductors, and to increase the apparent switching frequency (several patents)

- Transfer to Cegelec, Converteam and Alstom, and development of locomotives and industrial drives using this technology. Today the industrial systems using this topology handle a total power of more than 1GW.

Head of the Static Converter Group at the LEEI : September 1994 until September 2001

- I have directed the Static Converter Group for seven years. In average, this group involves eight permanent people and ten to fifteen Ph.D. students

Switchmode AC/AC converters : June 1998 – June 2005

- Invention of switchmode ACAC converters for direct adjustment of an AC votage source (two patents)

- Transfer to Schneider Electric, development of electronic variacs and public lighting regulators.

Stacked MultiCell Converters : January 2000 – 2006

- Invention of SMC converters allowing a substantial reduction of the capacitors used in MultiCell converters (patented)

- Evaluation and transfer to ABB and General Electric.

Parallel MultiCell Converters and InterCell Transformers : 2006-Today

- Understanding flux dixtribution in Intercell transformers lead us to take two patents on the permutation of phases in Parallel MultiCell converters to reduce losses and weight.

- Evaluation and transfer to the industry is currently in progress

Design tools for multicell power converters : 2010-Today

- Interactive design tools, references and examples of industrial products using our patents: