Study of Low Power SwitchMode power supplies : September 85 - September 86

During this study (collaboration between SODILEC and LEEI), existing soft commutating topologies have been studied, and other more innovative topologies have been studied. A patent has been filed.

Research on Single switch soft switching topologies : October 86 - December 88

A Ph.D. bursary of the CNRS allowed me to carry out a detailed study of different ways to obtain soft switching, and to evaluate the corresponding benefits in terms of loss and volume reduction. This work has received the Leopold Escande Award which is attributed each year to the best Ph.D. of the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. In the meantime, I have been involved in teaching activities.

Invited researcher at the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières : December 88 - February 90

Development of a general studying and teaching method for soft switching commutation cells, implementation of « Natural Power Factor Correctors », teaching at the MS level.

Chargé de recherches au Centre National de la Recherche scientifique(CNRS) : 1990 – 1998

As a full-time researcher, I developed model for accurate simulation of switchings in the commutation cells and developped the concept of Flying Capacitor Multilevel converters. In 1994 I became Head of the Static Converter group at the LEEI and allowed rebuilding the permanent staff from 2 to 9 persons.

Directeur de Recherches 2ème classe CNRS : 1999 – 2011

I left the Head of the Group in 2001 and starting working on the development of 3DPHI which is a program involving 12 french labs to collaborate on the way to 3D interation of Power Electronics. My original lab, LEEI, merged with CPAT, LGET and LE and became the LAPLACE the 01/01/2007. In 2009, I also started an internal collaborative action involving several groups of the LAPLACE.

Part Time Special Project Manager at CIRTEM (Centre d’Innovation et de Recherche des Technologies de l’Electrotechnique Moderne) : Since September 2001

I help the company detcting the best technologies to be transferred to the industry and am involved in this transfer.

Directeur de Recherches 1ere classe CNRS : since October 2011

In my present position, I supervise or cosupervise 8 to 10 PhD students, one engineer, and 1 or 2 PostDoc, and my main activity is related to parallel multilevel converters for low voltage applications (<1kVdc)