Interactive Design Tools for Isolated MultiCell DC/DC Converters(*)

Modulators and Decoders

MultiCell Flyback Converters

Buck or Boost MultiCell Converters

  • (*) More info on coupled flybacks :
    - "Multicell Interleaved Flyback Using Intercell Transformers" , Forest, F.; Laboure´, E.; Meynard, T.A.; Huselstein, J.-J., Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on , vol.22, no.5, pp.1662,1671, Sept. 2007

    - "Design of a 28 V-to-300 V/12 kW multicell interleaved flyback converter using intercell transformers" Forest, F.; Gelis, B.; Huselstein, JJ; Cougo, B.; Laboure, E.; Meynard, T., Power Electronics, IEEE Trans. on , vol.25, no.8, pp.1966,1974, Aug. 2010